4X4 Ambulance - by Quadvan
4X4 Ambulance - by Quadvan

4X4 Ambulance for Off-Road Performance

by Quadvan

When we say we do everything 4x4 Van related, we mean it.

People who play hard have the ability to get stuck in the mud more often, and the mud is usually that much deeper. That's where QuadVan steps in with our 4X4 Ambulance. With upgraded suspension and brakes, you are able to traverse rougher terrain at the beach, in the mountains or down low at the river - wherever help is needed. When the people you serve don't want to play in the city, you need a QuadVan Ambulance - just in case you need a little more 'go' to save the day.

4X4 Emergency Vehicles

Quadvan works with emergency agencies on all levels to engineer quality 4x4 emergency vehicles. Different terrains call for different equipment and our teams are able to fine-tune existing packages for your needs. Suspension with more travel, winches with more power, tires with more grip - these are just a few of the adjustments that can be made.

Existing Inventory - or a Brand New 4X4 Ambulance

Used equipment, if it's in good working order, can be converted just as cost effectively as the new equipment. We have the expertise to work on many different makes and models of ambulance. Our primary skill you need is the 4x4 conversion for your ambulance to get you up and running in any environment. 4X4 Van Conversion is our specialty, so we can help you turn any Econoline van, or ambulance, into a 4x4 Emergency Vehicle.


QuadVan Testimonials Reveal Brand Loyalty

"The boys at QuadVan really go the extra mile when it comes to providing the best options available and John is a wizard when it comes to customizing. He designed and fabricated a front grill guard that is truly a piece of art along with a custom sliding door extension to allow for the fabulous side flairs he custom sized just perfectly. Thanks again for making my windsurfing van one of the finest I have ever seen or driven!"

- Chris M.


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